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The Feng-Shui-Concept

Discover the five elements


The Concept

Basics of the Feng-Shui concept

Feng Shui is a practice of arranging objects in living spaces to create balance with the natural world. In our hotel we specialize in the 5 elements:

Wood represents flexibility, kindness and healing. It stands for growth and progress.

Fire stands for glory, inspiration and our visibility. The element also has to do with our passion and emotional expression.

Earth has to do with overall well-being, self-nurturing and boundaries. It is stable, grounding and reliable.

Metal has to do with beauty, joy, and efficiency. It is cold, rational, rigid and unshakable.

Water is associated with wisdom, social life and career. It is both deep and still, like the ocean but also dynamic and flowing like a river.

The hotel at a glance

From our variety of services to our beautiful rooms – everything at a glance.

room view hotel elementspure

Rooms & Prices

No room is the same, discover your element. You are still undecided which room to book? Here you can find our selection of rooms, find the right offer for your needs.

View screen meeting room hotel elementspure

Seminar room

Our light-filled meeting room is the ideal choice for your seminar for up to 30 people. The latest technology supports your presentation or workshop. Here you will find all important information about our seminar room.

View of the entrance area of ​​the hotel elementspur

Contact & Directions

Our hotel is located just at the entrance of Freiburg, where the nature of the Black Forest and the proximity to the city combine. Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.